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Skin & Chemical Peels

Exfoliate and brighten the skin

Brighten the skin

Dead and damaged skin cells can dull our skin, cause breakouts, and even prematurely age us when not removed effectively. By resurfacing the upper layers of the skin with targeted skin peels, we can successfully reveal fresher, clearer, more youthful skin.

Skin peels with Allure Skin & Laser Clinic in Erith use acids and enzymes to exfoliate away the damaged layers of skin. They harness the power of naturally occurring acids and active ingredients to deeply exfoliate and brighten the skin. We use a range of professional peels to target different areas, conditions, and skin types.

Skin peels can be tailored to your skincare needs and can tackle a range of conditions. We can soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tackle acne, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. They work to rejuvenate, refresh, and reenergise, smoothing and softening the skin.

The benefits of skin peels

  • Your skin peel consultation is free
  • Our range of professional peels are individually tailored to your needs
  • We can soften the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars
  • Skin peels remove dead skin cells and stimulate the production of collagen
  • Different concentrations target different areas and skin types

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Step by Step process

  1. At the Clinic

    During your consultation with one of our experienced Practitioner we will find out more about your concerns and goals and talk through the treatment in detail. We’ll go through your medical history in order to make sure your suitable for treatment and analyse the areas you’re looking to treat in order to prepare a suitable treatment plan

  2. The Treatment

    Your practitioner will choose the correct peel for your concerns, they will then applying the solution to the treatment area. This solution exfoliates the skin and speeds up natural cell renewal; you will effectively be left with a new layer of skin, one which looks fresher and more youthful. Although you may experience a hot, itchy sensation once the solution is on your skin. This is completely normal, and should subside quickly.

  3. Post Treatment

    After the peel your skin may feel dry, however after 3-4 days after the treatment your skin should look brightened and rejuvenated.

Treatment Overview

Procedure Time: 30 – 45 minutes

Anaesthetic: None

Downtime: Up to 1-7 days depending on strength of peel

Duration of results:
Long term if maintained with follow up treatments

Full recovery:

Numbers of treatments:
Course of 6*

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Frequently Asked Questions

About skin peels removal at allure skin & laser clinic in london

  1. How do Skin Peels work?

    Skin Peels work by causing controlled exfoliation of the skin, acting on the dead and damaged skin cells. By removing these layers, it exposes fresher and more youthful looking skin underneath and encourages the body to produce new skin cells.

  2. Am I suitable for a Skin Peel?

    Most skin types and tones are suitable for some form of skin peel. We use a comprehensive range of peels that target different areas, conditions, and achieve different results, so all treatment is tailored to you. At your free consultation, we can talk to you about your treatment options and advise on which peel would provide the best results for you.

  3. Do Skin Peels hurt?

    You may feel a slight stinging sensation during your peel, but it should not exceed this discomfort. Peels are not painful, but your skin may feel tingly and tight after the procedure. This is natural and is just your body reacting to an exaggerated exfoliation.

  4. How long is the recovery time for this treatment?

    Your recovery time will depend on which skin peel you have received. Light peels may leave the skin looking slightly irritated, but you can return to daily activities immediately after treatment. Medium peels take around 2 weeks to fully heal, and deep chemical peels may require a few days break from work or daily activities.

  5. What happens to my skin after a peel?

    The outer layers of your skin will gradually flake away in the form of dry skin, revealing a fresh new layer beneath. This is all part of the procedure, and you should protect this new skin with sun protection after treatment.

*Results may vary.


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Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith

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*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Allure Skin & Laser Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.