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3D Skin Analysis

Revolutionising treatment technology


Many skin conditions and concerns originate from deeper layers of our skin and aren’t always apparent to the human eye. If we could see these problems beginning before they became visible on our face, we could help to prevent them or lessen their impact on our skin. The revolutionary 3D Skin Analysis using Observ technology can show problems before they even occur, meaning we can treat them proactively.

The Observ uses patented light technology to instantly reveal skin conditions beneath the superficial layers, allowing us to formulate targeted treatment journeys to prolong your skin’s health. Rather than reacting to your skin once complaints occur, we can proactively identify the beginning stages and treat to prevent its development.

Our 3D Skin Analysis can visually show you areas of diminished circulation, vascular conditions, and skin irritations. It can also help show signs of under the skin damage like sun damage, diminishing skin structure and volume, and sensitive or thinning areas. Because we can identify these changes in your skin far earlier with our 3D Skin Analysis, we can suggest treatments to best promote the health of your skin while combating these signs.

The benefits on 3D Skin Analysis

  • We can identify the early stages of skin conditions before they become visible
  • Visually demonstrate plugged pores, areas of regulated oil, and wrinkle formations
  • Show the benefits of sun protection and areas you are missing
  • Proactively treat skin conditions before they become a problem
  • Far deeper insight into your overall skin health and vitality

The Observ 520 allows us incredible insight into the composition of your skin, book your Free Consultation TODAY to learn more.

Step by Step process

  1. At the Clinic

    During your consultation with one of our experienced Practitioner we will find out more about your concerns and goals and talk through the treatment in detail. We’ll go through your medical history in order to make sure your suitable for treatment and analyse the areas you’re looking to treat in order to prepare a suitable treatment plan.

  2. The Treatment

    During your consultation your practitioner will use the Skin Analysis by placing your head into the machine which will diagnose skin irregularities and concerns.

  3. Post Treatment

    After your skin analysis your practitioner will be able to recommend the best treatments and products to treat your skin concerns.

Treatment Overview

Procedure Time: Up to 60 minutes

Anaesthetic: None

Downtime: None

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What happens during my skin analysis?

    The process is very simple and straight-forward. You simply sit facing the machine for the analysis as we use different viewing modes to identify different skin conditions. We then share the results with you once this process has finished, and it doesn’t take long at all.

  2. How long does the analysis take?

    The skin analysis and consultation take around 60 minutes. This is because it allows us to see your skin complexion in detail, and we’d like to discuss these details with you. We can talk you through your results, suggested lifestyle and skincare changes, and any treatments we may recommend to improve your results.

  3. Should I have more than one analysis?

    Our lifestyle, the weather, and our biological makeup can change frequently, so our skin does too. We like to use your first results as an informed starting point in your treatment journey so we can watch your journey over the long-term. The technology is ideal for monitoring the progress of targeted treatments to track improvements and inform on the next steps to be taken.

  4. Is this analysis safe?

    Our 3D Skin Analysis is non-invasive and painless, so you will be comfortable through the facial scan. The Observ 520 does use UV technology, but it exposes the skin to far lower doses of UV than natural sunlight does. This makes it completely safe to use.

  5. How does the 3D Skin Analysis work?

    The science behind the Observ 520 is extraordinary. It focuses on skin fluorescence, exposing different skin concerns with how they appear under different lights. The cells and bacteria in our skin reflect differently under different lights, allowing us to identify them through unique colours and patterns. We’ll explain all that we find after your analysis, so you can stay informed on your skin health.

*Results may vary.


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Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith

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