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Transgender Community

We are here to help you along your journey of transition

We Support the Transgender Community

At Allure Skin & Laser Clinic we have seen many wonderful clients who are currently transitioning. At the clinic our team are very experienced and most respectful of your needs, goals and privacy. We understand what a difficult time it can be during the early stages of your transition and we are fully committed to supporting you in every way we can. This is one step in your journey, and we’ll ensure that it is comfortable, convenient – and, most of all, effective.

One of the most popular treatments among the transgender community and for those who visit Allure Aesthetic Clinic is Laser Hair Removal. Shaving, tweezing and waxing are not only time-consuming (and painful!), they produce only temporary results.
Laser Hair Removal is by far one of the most significant in helping you along your journey in achieving a smooth, feminine and hair free look which we understand is essential for your quality of life and mental well-being. We treat all areas of the face and body.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • Free Consultation and Patch Test
  • We use Medical Grade Laser Technology
  • The Elite+™ by Cynosure® can treat all skin types and tones
  • Treatment achieves long-lasting and effective results
  • Laser hair removal comes with no down-time and immediate full recovery
  • Affordable and local hair removal treatment

Contact our team or visit our clinic in Erith today to book your Free Consultation and Patch Test.

Allure Aesthetics

Step by Step process

Treatment Overview

Procedure Time: Depends on treated area

Anaesthetic: None

Downtime: None

Duration of results:

Full recovery:

Numbers of treatments:
Minimum 6-8 Sessions*

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Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith
Allure Skin & Laser Clinic | Erith

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*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Allure Skin & Laser Clinic cannot guarantee specific results.